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Robert Haidari

Robert Haidari is a Chicago-area serial entrepreneur with extensive software development and technology experience as well as a strong interest in global affairs.

Most recently, Robert founded Hot Emu a part of Ingens Ventures LLC, a consulting company that helps start-ups and small- to medium-sized businesses maximize growth and efficiency with new software and data analytics.

Hot Emu grew organically from of Robert’s professional experiences and interests. Though currently immersed in the Chicago start-up and tech consulting scene, he originally worked as a data analyst and forecaster at Loop Capital Markets, an investment bank. After he left investment banking, Robert founded a technology start-up that predicted pricing for the transportation industry.

Outside of work, Robert plays an active role at the Council on Global Affairs, where he is a member of the Leadership Circle and serves as a Young Professional Ambassador, he also a member of Membership Council at 1871, Chicago’s largest tech start-up incubator.

Born in Poland, Robert moved to the US when he was 15 years old. Since then, he studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Economics.

  • Technical architect and a senior software developer
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Member of global policy community
  • Scuba diver
Robert Haidari
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